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Lake Louise PTA Community Garden

Recent pick from our Lake Louise staff
Recent pick from our Lake Louise staff
If you have been following us on Instagram – you know the garden has flourished this summer. Over the last few months we have been busy in the garden weeding, picking, and sharing. While many Lake Louise staff/families have enjoyed fresh produce, we have also made donations to the Palatine Food Pantry.

Last week I (Jennifer Zelazny) spoke at the District 15 School Board meeting about our garden and brought a bag of fresh picked vegetables for our Superintendent to enjoy. We had a reporter from the Daily Herald who also mentioned last week (, and will also be mentioned in the next District 15 newsletter.

We wanted to thank all those who have helped over the summer with our community garden. If you have not already stopped over to take a look, feel free to check it out, pick a few items (including weeds), and share the fresh food with your friends and family.

School of Choice

We have recently learned that Lake Louise is one of seven District 15 schools that will be required to offer families school of choice for the upcoming school year. In case you did not receive the letter sent home from Mary Zarr – Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Special Services, and School Improvement for District 15 – here is what she sent:

Dear Parent/Guardian:
Community Consolidated School District 15 is committed to providing a high-quality educational program for your child. We are working hard to provide programs to help all students succeed in our school district.

Lake Louise School receives federal Title I funds. These funds provide help for your child to meet state achievement standards. While the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has not yet released AYP reports, preliminary results indicate that Lake Louise School did not meet the adequate yearly progress (AYP) targets. Lake Louise School is in school improvement status, which means the school has failed to make adequate yearly progress for 2 consecutive years in the same subject and is required to offer public school choice.

Lake Louise School is working to improve the school’s academic program by continuing to offer our successful extended day program, “Summer Blast”, the “Summer Early Literacy Academy” and “literacy coaching” programs. The district and the State Board of Education are working with your child’s school to help improve the academic standards of the school. This is being accomplished by providing technical assistance to the teachers and administrators within your child’s school. However, this may not be enough and we want to request your help as the school addresses its academic problems.

Our district’s 2013 report card and the most recent AYP status report for your school will show how your child’s school compares to other schools in our district and state. These reports will be available on our web site at, at your child’s school, and at the school district office when they are released by ISBE. The many successes at Lake Louise School cannot be measured in one test, and we appreciate your continued support.

We encourage all parents to become involved with our school and to support our school improvement efforts. We will be inviting parents to serve on the committee that will review our current school improvement plan. We would also like to involve parents in addressing the academic issues that caused the school to be identified for school improvement.

The No Child Left Behind Act provides you, as a parent, the option to transfer your child to another public school within the district with transportation provided by the district. Frank C. Whiteley School in Hoffman Estates is eligible to receive transfer students. The enclosed Student Transfer Form must be completed and returned to: CCSD 15, Attention: Anita Jamnik, 580 N. First Bank Drive, Palatine, IL 60067. In the event of space, financial, or program limitations, requests for transfers will be prioritized based on lowest achieving, and low-income students first.

Please call me at 847-963-3106 or Maria McClurkin, Director of Literacy Programs, at 847-963-3133 if you have any questions about these services.

Mary K. Zarr

As seen in the Daily Herald:

Lake Louise Elementary Participates in TECH 2013

Our school is one of sixty schools in Illinois participating in the TECH 2013: Students for the Information Age event on May 7, 2013 at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield. Our students’ demonstration will focus on “Music and Digital Storytelling To Support Literacy.”

We are very proud of sixth graders Katie Barclay, Haley Holz, Kyle Cyr-Flessner, and Comprehensive Music teacher Mrs. Laurie Scarpelli who will be representing our school.

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